Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I think I am done!

Short post.

Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to read my blog.

I think I am done.

I no longer have the anger, the passion or the care to continue the blog, because well, I am no longer angry.

I spent 46 years advocating the beliefs of the LDS church.

I spent one year questioning their validity.

I am done.

I am however, completely shocked, surprised and.......somewhat honored, that so very many active LDS members within my community took the time to read and comment.

It was almost enough to make me want to continue....but alas......I am sort of done with it all.

I apologize to those who felt I was unfair or angry towards the LDS Church. I do not think anyone has made a valid point about my blog being unfair, but it is true, I was a little angry at what I felt the LDS church had stolen from me.

I no longer feel that way.

I am at peace...... completely.

I had many good years within the LDS Church, there are certainly some things I benefited from. There are also some things that I feel 'cost me' if you will, that were neither necessary, nor valid.

For those who wish to leave the LDS church and try to explain why you have done so and what makes you feel hurt by the process, I support you.

For those who wish to stay actively involved in the LDS community, recognizing the many possible things that might make reasonable minded individuals at least question....I support you.

For those who continue to mindlessly follow the LDS Church without any questioning and possibly in a position that is likely not healthy for self or family, I still support you.

I am sorry to those, of my friends who were upset in anyway by reading my blog. This was more for me....then for you. I needed to get the stuff out.....and now......it is done.

Now onto the beauty service and joy part!

Finally I bid everyone adieu :)