Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sssshhhhh.....Dont tell anyone! (just kidding) Really, really big NEWS

Alright some very exciting things are about to happen on my blog. I am hopeful that all of my regular readers will support me when 'it' happens. That they will post links on their Facebook and help me get the word out.

I am going to have a secret, guest author add some content, commentary, and documentation on my blog.

Why my blog? Well because although small and relatively new I already have a regular audience and I am allowing him to keep his anonymity. for familial reasons which I will not get into here, this individual has chosen to keep his identity a secret. What he decides to share about his story is his choice but I will state that we have connected because of similar experiences in the church.

My experience with LDS people since we departed the faith shows that they feel that they MUST believe that an ex-Mormon was offended, or committed serious sins to decide to leave the LDS church. They cannot accept that these things seldom have much to do with anything about that at all. Especially when one determines or says that simple study and reasoning.....are indeed the reason for departure!

This individual (my soon to be guest author) sought the background and source information of Mormon History to prove to himself it's authenticity, to validate its claims in a hope that he could strengthen his testimony and once again become a more faithful and believing LDS. Because his past experiential life in the Mormon church and culture had shown him many things that caused him concern and problems.

He is a researcher of sorts by trade and knew how to locate the actual documents better than the rest of us.

The documents speak for themselves, some you have seen or heard of them before, however he presents them in their chronological order in a manner that raises many problems for LDS apologists and faithful members to defend.

I won't say too much more, I will allow the documents to speak for themselves, and have him add his commentary.

What is my purpose in doing so.

Recently, some so-called 'friends' have complained that I am questioning their beliefs. They are not happy with some of the things I post on my Facebook page which they deem derogatory towards the LDS faith.

Now to be fair, having been a former LDS member and serving in Leadership, my focus has been on the financial and cultural issues as I see them within the LDS organization and community. I guess they don't like the fact that I ask some pretty tough questions and they likely feel 'offended'.

I do not believe that the LDS church is acting as a religion......I believe it is simply acting as a business and I feel that I can rightly predict how the LDS org. will act in just about any situation, simply by using a financial model as my 'looking glass'.or 'seer stone'.

I have not as of yet discussed much of the historical, doctrinal or documentation issues that really were the major items that got me really thinking about the authentic history of the LDS Church verses the obvious sensitization that has transpired over the years since Joseph received his *third* vision (LOL).

Authors like Palmer, Brodie, Vogel, Whitefield all present a case for Mormonism's authentic historical and doctrinal problems. However, they often do not show the actual textual material side by side in chronological order. This is preciously the direction my guest author took during his discovery and research into early Mormon history. Rather then simply trusting in authors like Palmer and Brodie, his question was always, ok you make an interesting point, now let's see your backup!

For 'some people' (using one of my 'friends' exact words) any type of questioning is far too difficult to accept. I do not see it that way, and neither do many former LDS leaders (H.B.Brown's famous statement that LDS people members need not be afraid to have people question and that they themselves should indeed question in the "marketplace of idea's").

However its fair to state that current LDS leadership have changed their minds on people actually 'studying' anything but approved LDS created material. (isn't LDS material from early church history still approved LDS material?)

Why? Why do they no longer encourage the members to review both sides of the debate?

Due to the Internet, so much accurate, historical information has surfaced that create many valid questions regarding the LDS church's beginnings and authenticity that it is quite likely that 'faith' could possibly be destroyed with truth, in the way I see things. Otherwise, why be so afraid to actually 'look', at their own honest history?

Growing up in the LDS Church, I remember the saying "If you have the truth on your side, you have no fear".
It would seem that this has changed dramatically in the LDS organization over the past several years since the Internet.

Is it possibly fair to state that for some, often multi-generational LDS members who are educated, that Truth may indeed be destroying Faith?

I think it is possible that this is transpiring. The enemies of the church it was said are whom? (women, gays and intellectuals, see Packer).

I like the comment by Duwayne Anderson in the Huffington Post (

"Today, Gays and Feminists are under attack from the church -- both members and non-member­s. But the LDS Church also targets intellectu­als who don't support the party line and disagree with the "Brethren" on matters of science and history. Few religions are as inconsiste­nt with science as Mormonism, which teaches that the ancient Americans were Hebrews, domesticat­ed horses, and fought massive Roman-styl­e wars with steel swords".

Duwayne Anderson
Author of "Farewell to Eden: Coming to terms with Mormonism and science"

What most members do not know is that this goes on behind closed doors where truth, integrity and honesty are not always part of interviews where leaders care about one thing, and one thing only., that is specifically 'protect the image of the LDS church at all costs". There is no higher calling in the church, no greater priority for the brethren, no more prevalent written or unwritten rule than this one.

Truth goes out the door, integrity is meaningless, kindness is simply not an issue and honesty is seen as apostasy in these meetings where leaders care about one thing only......."Can this information do harm to the Church"? If it can.....WATCH OUT! Your membership is likely over!

One such incident occurred recently in the area in which I live. Someone who I vaguely knew, had started to research the source material information within LDS history in order to 'improve his back-row testimony', or to make a more valiant effort than he had done in the past to align himself with traditional LDS values and doctrines.

He has a special 'skill' for finding information difficult to find in the online world, and so he began his honest and sincere search for documents unwilling to accept others interpretations of such source information.

It was all going just fine, until he put some of the information side by side in a chronological order. (something many researchers and authors have not yet published). Once he did all fell apart very quickly as it became apparent that early LDS leaders simply added and manufactured information when needed.

He will be a guest blogger if you will, on my blog......very, very soon!

I can assure you......its worth your time to have a read. It will be very interesting to see how many of you on both sides of the LDS issue, view this information.

Now I wish to make clear. Anyone who does not appreciate my blog, or who does not agree with my viewpoints, or my guest author, should feel at liberty to say so. They should have the right to stand up and make comment.

As long as it is not personally disrespectful I always publish the comments whether I agree or not. However any personal attacks will be moderated, unless their name is added.



  1. Interesting post, Norm. I always enjoy reading your blog and getting your take on things. I often think about what you said about the fact that for many TBMs "any type of questioning is far too difficult to accept." I don't see it that way either, and remember well the Hugh B. Brown statement that LDS people members need not be afraid to have people question and that they themselves should indeed question in the "marketplace of ideas." Even Gordon B. Hinckley said that we must all decide for ourselves whether the church is indeed true or a fraud. But of course, GBH himself seemed to flow in and out of truth rather easily (as he did in various interviews during his presidency).

    But also, as you stated, the current LDS leadership seem to have changed their minds on people actually 'studying' anything but approved LDS created material (one of the signs of a cult, BTW). And no, LDS material from early church history is not approved LDS reading materials anymore, and certainly not the Journal of Discourses. I mean, there's a lot of crazy shit in there, including many damaging quotes. The internet has opened up a whole new world, and the Mormon Church is struggling to keep its members from examining what is available on there, which aids in truly examining the truth. As Boyd K. Packer said, "Some things that are true are not useful." The Mormon Church spent many years covering things up that are not readily available with the click of a mouse.

    As far as I'm concerned, though, once I discovered the real truth, I couldn't continue to associate myself with a religious organization that plays so fast and loose with the truth. To me, truth is the bottom line... and that is why I am now an Ex-Mormon.

  2. I promise this will be earth-shattering. I've had a glance at it. The evidence is so damning, my wife will never view LDS history the same way again!

  3. I am pretty biased but I really think any good, honest, person of any gender, race, or education level would not associate themselves with the LDS church if they knew its own history from even just Joseph Smith's death on. It is always interesting to see the actual documents and even from the archives of the church how many loved ones won't even give it the time of day because it was "yesterday". Wow. I think of the recent Auschwitz documentary my husband and I were watching and seeing interviews with retired SS soldiers who were acquitted as young men for doing their job. Wrong then is wrong now but their attitude is caviler and very much not sorry. They don't even admit anything they did was wrong. I can see their perspective but I don't agree with it. All that aside I feel like faithful saints who excuse the past and press forward disassociate themselves with it as if it isn't even valid when it is the very foundation! Furthermore if you are bothered by it, like me, you lack faith and zeal required to be counted among them. Its a perverse way of seeing the world. We read the same information and if you don't come to the same conclusions as the faithful saints then you are wrong. No ifs ands or buts!

  4. Wow, well said are awesome. Your comment

    "if you are bothered by it, like me, you lack faith and zeal required to be counted among them. Its a perverse way of seeing the world. We read the same information and if you don't come to the same conclusions as the faithful saints then you are wrong. No ifs ands or buts!"

    Damning and well said my friend!

    Thank You! Norm

  5. Looking forward to the documentation. I have a lot of Stachowski's that need to have the truth revealed to them in a way that is indisputable. Far too long have my parents believed this myth and changed their lives in order to follow it. My heart breaks whenever they choose serving the church (temple night) over witnessing monumental events in their grandchildren's lives. I want them to get their old life back - the one where they were happy, family oriented, not so damn busy - they still have a few years left, and damn it I will do whatever I can to give them their lives back.
    Gabi Stachowski-Thompson

  6. I hope that this information will reunite families that have been ripped apart by Mormonism! Ready to 'share'!!

  7. Norman the ex-Mormon's mini-leaks column; I can hardly wait. It will not even phase the TBM's though, they don't care about the truth unless it is 'their truth'.

    I heard one TBM state that he would not believe that the church isn't true even if he heard the prophet himself say so. Sigh...

  8. I look forward to the observations of a fellow traveller. Devotion to studying chruch history certainly puts a person in the express lane to apostacy.

  9. I could never understand choosing to go to a temple night or church meeting over seeing one's children perform, etc.

    I'm looking forward to seeing the docs too.

  10. This sounds so interesting, I can't wait to read the contributions from your 'guest blogger', and to see the documentation (proof) regarding the Church beside the questions being set about certain incidents/doctrine/history etc.

    Well Done for obtaining the help of your friend, I'm very excited to read your blog as it continues to grow.

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  12. Mr. Mighty Mississippi. I value your comment, I think it made a good point for your testimony building side. If you have such firm belief, please feel free to add your name to the bottom and I will add the post to my blog. Stand tall and stand firm.

  13. @Mack, it's coming. Everyone, the first episode will likely be launched this coming Monday, no documents will be involved, the guest author will simply introduce himself and his purpose and give some background.

    Then within the next week he will release some of the documents, please realize that many of them are not new, they were available for those who knew where to find them but he has done some custom work with side to side comparisons which will make things viewed in a clear and un-defendable manner which should help the average LDS reader of history better understand the challenges and inappropriate re-writing that occurred within LDS recorded scripture in the early days of the Church.

    So be patient for just a couple more days.

    Sincerely Norm

  14. I think I am going to enjoy your blog. I am the ex-wife of a former bishop who was excommunicated. I saw a LOT over those years. to read some more. I have a feeling I'm not going to get much sleep tonight. Thanks!