Sunday, March 27, 2011

SUNDAY The Absolute Most Fulfilling Day Of The Week!

This will quite likely be a humorous blog, why, because its Sunday Morning!

Its funny, on Sunday mornings I have that old feeling I once had as a missionary for the LDS church, I want to go and share something with the world, kind of feeling.

Its an amazing and powerful feeling, I seem to experience each and every Sabbath day as I consider now indeed what Sunday means to me. Now, I realize that to do so I must be careful and respectful of the delicate feelings that those who do not feel the same way as I do and whose experience is quite different then mine each 'Sabbath day'.......BULL-CRAP!(no that's not the word I was thinking)

Just as I am making my world the place I enjoy and love, there are millions in filling pews all across this continent that are hopefully doing the same with theirs.

Its 10:49 am here in Smithville, as I woke up, actually pretty early for my now normal Sabbath risings. I sit here in my robe, thinking......."hmm what am I going to do today?".

The sun is shining, snow will be melting, I have so much to do, like Sabbath is MY DAY OF REST! There is a scripture in there somewhere right, like

Mark 2:27 - "The Sabbath Was Made For Man"

That's right, finally something biblical I can latch on to! I am most certainly following this command at this point in my life. No laboring, (trust me I served as a bishop, Sunday felt like 'labor' to me, every single week!), no work, no worrying about all the crap I have to do the rest of the week. I can sleep in, I can catch up, I can plan my life, I can enjoy my kids and jump into the hot-tub or catch a flick with the family, and on and on.

Life is so full of choices so seldom had in my former life, controlled by callings, obligations, guilt, indoctrination, the long list or rules and obligations. How did I ever put up with it for so long.

I am trying hard to have my blog, as one LDS friend kindly reminded me show the advancing side of our family or....

"a place of enlightenment, beauty, service and joy."

In my opinion, that's exactly what I am referring to. At least the enlightenment, beauty (alright I don't look so hot at this moment) but joy.......hell ya! I have more joy right now in just one of my chewed off finger nails then I formerly had in my previous LDS life in my entire closet of blue suits, white shirts and ties (and rather ugly underwear).

I mean, come on lets be honest for just a moment, who the heck really enjoys sitting in church for three hours every Sunday morning, trying to keep our kids quiet, trying to look the part, while some very nice elderly lady with obvious bowel issues continually passes gas. Or if your in leadership, meetings upon useless meetings afterwards.

Sure okay, ya, you get to 'feel the spirit' once in a long while and feel good about things.

I feel more joy in the spirit sleeping in on Sunday mornings and thanking the universe for my freedom of current choice then I ever did in any F&T meeting, or priesthood meeting, Sunday school class, tithing settlement, current calling meeting, special youth meeting, evening leadership training meeting, or bishopric meeting, welfare or ward correlation meeting, or 'bishop I have a problem abusing myself' type of meeting or, 'your members donations are low' meeting, or.......well you get the point, I hope by now.

The only meeting I have on Sunday now is the 'choice of boxers' meeting which is conducted usually in the PM after lots of lazy lounging around, snuggling with the wife, chatting with the teenagers about what is happening in their lives, then the walking the dogs with with my amazing spouse meeting, or the meeting to acquire a Starbucks white chocolate mocha.

Or the "which bathing suit to wear" to the backyard 'staycation' we are going to have in the hot tub or the pool (in just a few more months). And very, very soon the warm weather is going to allow me the privilege of the 'where to take the vette for a spin' meeting.

And you know is far, far, far more peaceful around our home, more 'eternal family' feeling kind of stuff, then ever before on any formerly LDS active Sunday.

Man I sure love my Sunday meetings now!
If I were reading this right now I would likely be thinking "man Norm, it seems like Sunday's is all about you! Kinda selfish inst it?'


Sundays are a day, to spend....with me. Where I get to do what I want to do. Isn't that what the scripture above says.....who is the sabbath made for? 


I love Sabbath days, NOW!

(sorry if this appear a 'your rubbing it in' post, that's not what its meant to be, its meant to be more......YAY me!)

Please feel free to add your comments in regards to what you enjoy about your.......Sabbath!


  1. OUT OF FASHION (Poem by Tom Hilton in his former marriage)

    In this world ye shall have tribulation; but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world." John 16:33

    In striped uniform and whistle,
    she gets up Sunday mornings
    calling fouls, enforcing rules,
    and especially keeping time.

    She knows she's out of fashion
    with the smartly-dressed singles,
    but then, of course, she's a parent
    and reluctant "ref,"

    and Sunday morning
    is another big game.

    "The boys"
    stumble down the stairs --
    their game-faces on.

    This is it,
    the Sunday morning classic.
    Their game-plan honed
    to ballet perfection
    by years of practice.

    They'll play smart,
    take what's given,
    slow it down.

    How far this is
    from the cloistered closet,
    how close
    to the world.

  2. Kick back and have a great day. Not only was Sunday a drag when we were Mormon, but Saturday too. (It was the day we got ready for Sunday.) Basically the entire weekend sucked.

  3. :) I love this! I used to dread Sundays. In order to survive the day of guilt, and pain, and forcing myself to do what everyone told me I should do, I'd completely numb out.

    I really enjoy Sundays these days.
    This morning, I woke up when I was done sleeping. Ate breakfast. Played the piano for a while. Talked with a friend. Showered. Ate cookies and read a book I chose to read. This afternoon, I'm going fishing and then to dinner at my parents' house.

    I like this life, so I don't numb myself out from it anymore. There is no need!

  4. Sundays are awesome! Being able to kick back and relax after a long week is so refreshing. I love being able to spend time with family, visit with friends, and catch up on homework and video games. I used to be so worried about reading scriptures and going to church, linger longers, meetings, and ward prayer that I rarely had time to focus on anything but my next task at hand. I would spend all weekend catching up on school work so I wouldn't have to study on a Sunday. Being in a student singles ward I also used to put a lot of pressure on myself to look great and be available all night to go hang out with the men and women in my ward(in case I would meet my eternal mate at church that day). Now I have time to do whatever I want with my day... even if it's just take a nap and watch movies by myself. I love Sundays =)

  5. Sundays are my new favorite day of the week. I love to take my dogs on walks, hang out with my husband, catch up with my mom over the phone, nap. It's finally a genuine day of rest.

  6. It is funny that you chose this topic as I have been reflecting on this subject lately.

    My husband, myself and our seven young children left the church a year ago. I feel like I actually get time with my kids now. I can take Saturday and Sunday and really spend time with them. We play at the park more often. We go swimming every Sunday. Things aren't so rushed. I am not trying to get everything in on Saturday (errands, cleaning, etc) so that we can spend all of Sunday at church.

    Sundays were hard. My husband would often have to be at meetings early while I readied the kids. Once we had spent our three hours in classes (which I would not get to hear much of due to tending to little ones) and would arrive back home, we were all too exhausted for the rest of the day to really do anything. I love that my husband and I can really enjoy our children now. No more meetings or home/visiting teaching during the week. All of our time is just for the kids and each other.

    At the end of my life, I want to look back and feel like I really lived. Like I really got to be with my kids instead of being so busy with trying to live up to a standard that would make it possible to live with my kids after this life but in the process never having anytime to be with them now.

    I am so happy to have made the break from the church. It has brought more peace to our souls and more harmony to our family. Things are not always easy but they never were while we were in the church either. Life has its ups and downs - that is a part of life but I feel like I am spending the precious time that I do have on this earth with the things that really matter now.

  7. I love Sundays! I love to hang out with my family and relax. I love the fact that we have the freedom to do whatever we want with our day! No pressure from any outside source to be doing anything else :)

  8. Sundays are indeed made for man! 6 days of hard work are intended to be followed by one day of relaxation --with family, friends, pets, comfort food, etc. They are an opportunity to recharge one's batteries. There is no way a loving God intended man to sit in tedious hours of church, pretending to feel a spirit that isn't really there --or rarely is present...or to attend endless meetings that have no efficacy or necessity. Will it really matter a year from now, if you attended that meeting? or not?

    No, God wants us to be true to ourselves....not to some monolithic, tithing-consuming organization that gives so very very little back, in exchange for time, money, attendance, dedication, obedience and trumped up worship.

    I intend to enjoy my sabbath days the way you are, Norm, and squeeze the most enjoyment out of life possible. After all: Man is that he might have joy.

  9. I normally get to recharge on Sunday now. Its wonderful. We can take walks in nature or downtown. We can relax. Do things as a family. Have a nice morning breakfast together. Sundays aren't stressful anymore.

  10. I have found over the last few months of not attending church that my life has taken on a peaceful calm feeling. Life is so busy and to work for six days and then spend Sunday trying to be upbeat and not stressed was becoming difficult for me. I found that being at church was causing me to feel depressed as I tried to pretend I was perfect and fit in. I love that I can spend time relaxing and enjoying my kids. Sundays are amazing and I really dont miss the turmoil of trying to drag kids to church and trying to look like I wanted to be there. i found it a very lonely place to be. It is now time for me to do what makes me happy and my family. If that happens to be not attending church then so be it. Sundays are a day of rest and for families, that got lost somewhere along the road. I am finding out the pure joy of sundays is spending it at home with my family

  11. Hee Hee. I've found out that the guys next door who are relaxing and enjoying their sundays actually ARE very happy. And I, who went to church religiously was not having a good time on Suundays...except at the potluck dinners one woman started having. I miss those pot luck dinners. Just not anything else about a mormon sunday. I don't miss that i don't have to keep my little daughter quiet during meetings not made for her. i don't miss people saying only the 'prescribed' answer to Sunday School or RS lessons, so that they have no meaning for anyone as they are not based upon REAL people's lives. I don't miss feeling guilty about what i DIDN'T get done that week, rather than pleased about what i did do. I don't miss being treated like a child by priesthood guys who think women are somehow 'less' than they are, or who comment on the clothes i wear as if i had asked for their opinion.

    nope, i am now enjoying my sundays, just like all my neighbors used to do, while i was looking for happiness in some brick building.

  12. Ironically, without religion Sunday becomes a day of rest, a day of family and a day of reflection. When I was active I had time for NONE of those things.

  13. All of the above comments are so true. Saturdays used to be so busy -- running all the errands, cleaning the house, doing laundry, finishing homework projects -- so Sunday could be a day of rest. However, it was rarely a rest for me -- I still had to cook, and if I didn't clean up after my kids, my house would be a ransacked mess by Monday morning. So ya, it's great to have another weekend day to either really rest, or to do some of the stuff I didn't do on Saturday. Because I have a full weekend, I don't stress as much. It is truly wonderful.
    Best of all -- we don't fight or argue as much. There is no pressure to be anywhere, to act a certain way -- definately a lot more peace in our home. I love my Sundays also.

    Gabriele Thompson

  14. Thanks for the positive comments everyone! It really is amazing how the absolute most stressful day of the week has, for all of us, become the absolute most enjoyable.

    I wish everyone well, no matter where they may find themselves on Sunday's. Norm

  15. It is amazing how much more time there is in a week once you get to use Sunday properly!!! I like to get up before the kids and go for a long and sweaty walk on the beach and then come home and make pancakes or some other yummy breakfast and just leisurely eat and hang out with no rush to get ready for anything. Maybe a visit to Scitech, or the park... saying yes to all of those parties that are always on Sundays. A couple of Sundays ago we all went to Daniel (Good Reason blog and Merryn's engagement Garden party and it was such a beautiful way to spend a Sunday afternoon :) then there's the beach again in the evening for a sunset swim, all refreshed and ready to start a new week!

    Plus Saturday night id freed up for going out late!!!

  16. Ahhhh... I love Sundays. When I was an active member, my mind was so pre-occupied by the busy callings and schedules that I rarely found time for reflecting on any real spiritual thoughts. Saturdays weren't real enjoyable because I was always thinking about what I had to do to get ready for the Sunday responsibilities.

    You can have the time to focus and reflect on your spiritual powers by relaxation, meditation, reading an uplifting book, getting close to nature. I feel more spiritual when having the time to do these things without the distractions and guilt if I'm not being the perfect Mormon.

    General Conference weekend was usually looked forward to as a break from church. If we're truly uplifted there, why want a break from it?

  17. Sunday is my favorite day of the week! We get up when we feel like it, snuggle in bed and watch movies, take the kids hiking or to the park, or out for brunch. It's our day to bond and relax and regroup. It's an amazing contrast to how Sundays used to be...the stress and rushing around trying to get everyone into their uncomfortable clothes to go sit for 3 long hours in uncomfortable chairs to be fed the same propaganda over and over and over and over and over and over, i love Sundays now!

  18. Samantha Smith-BirdMarch 31, 2011 at 8:31 PM

    I love Sundays because they are my chance to go to church, learn, feel the spirit, meet with those I love, and spend the afternoon at home, at rest, and at peace with my family. Sundays are my favorite

  19. Everyday is sacred and my sabbath. Sundays are so different that LDS Sundays.... its so nice. Who would have EVER thunk? ;o)