Monday, February 7, 2011


I have written journals for many years...its been a while since I followed that 'commandment' but it was always both theraputic, and historically embarassing.

I hope to have you learn a bit about me and my family, a bit about our journey of discovery and a bit about what moves us to help 'others'.

Today as I sit looking at the falling snow, of which we have had a tremendous amount of in the Niagara Region this year, I think of the many changes that have transpired in the past year since leaving the LDS church (Offically sent letters or name removal on March 6/2010). All that we have learned, all that we have lost, all that we have gained. It truly has been a time of change.

I am hopeful that 2011 will be a time of healing. My heart is still very, very soft in regards to our families choice. Please dont mistake that comment for doubt, that is not part of the softness.

Hopefully in time you will come to learn what I mean.

I miss terribly our many LDS freinds, but I have sadly come to learn that for the most part, they were really just freinds by association. There is the odd exception, and a few that truly love us, but for the most part this is factual.

I have in return, gained the freindship and association of hundreds of similarly situated ex-mormons all over the word. Thanks to facebook and syke (normanthompson1964 skype) I have been able to have valuable yet distant association with many, truly open, honest, and amazing people whom I have come to love.

What follows will likely be a sort of 'catching up' if you will on some of the changes and challenges that our family has faced during this transition.

I sincerely hope that for those that follow this blog, they will get to know me better and in some way relate to our journey.

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